Posted by: bluesyemre | April 10, 2017

#Literature Search: A librarian’s handout to introduce tools, terms and techniques by Katy Kavanagh Webb #Elsevier


In a time when information seeking is so ubiquitous and often so poorly executed, librarians play a key role in transforming library users into information-literate lifelong learners. When convenience can trump trusted scholarly and news publications:

“This is our most desperate hour. Help me, Obi-Wan Librarians. You’re my only hope.” — Princess Leia … paraphrased

Literature Search: a librarian’s handout to introduce tools, terms and techniques developed by Katy Kavanagh Webb, Head of Research and Instructional Services at East Carolina University’s Joyner Library, and Library Connect can assist. “It’s not a replacement for librarian-led instruction,” says Katy, “but it can act as a calling card to introduce key concepts or as a leave-behind visual reminder to continue these best practices when we librarians are no longer in the room.”

Each page of the handout can stand alone (social media posts anyone?) or be used together as a teaching tool that covers:

  • Keywords, operators and filters
  • Search tools
  • Types of literature
  • Evaluate information
  • Organize research

Download Literature Search handout

Download Literature Search poster

Assistant Professor | Head, Research and Instructional Services, J.Y. Joyner Library
East Carolina University

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