Posted by: bluesyemre | April 12, 2017

Sleep among the #Books in these Residential #Libraries


Home is where your books are. Or at least that’s the case when it comes to residential libraries, where you can spend a night among the sweet, sweet scent of books.

Book Designers Share “Literary Nouveau Style” in Kansas City

Kevin and Emma, book designers behind the company The Frontispiece, share a warm, comfy home in Kansas City. “Literarian Treehouse Nouveau” is how they describe their style, and they’re also self-proclaimed collectors. You’ll find furniture, desks, vinyl, cats and of course, books. As Kevin writes: “We find the quality and function of an object is directly linked to its aesthetic. For many things—from technology to art supplies—the search for that aesthetic can require buying a new product. For others—like books and furniture—there are periods of time in which the quality of those objects’ manufacture was at its peak, and so we strive to collect from that time, or its equivalent in quality.”

This Abandoned Cattle Ranch Is Becoming a “Literary Home on the Range” & Library

Two longtime bookstore employees are currently transforming an abandoned Colorado cattle ranch into a “literary ‘home on the range’ for writers, artists and nature-lovers.”

Jeff Lee and Ann Marie Martin of The Rocky Mountain Land Library project, who’ve collected more than 35,000 books about nature and the American West between them (they’re also married), are planning to finish this “live-in library celebrating the West” during the coming summer.

The library/ranch, in Colorado’s Front Range, will also feature dorm rooms, art studios and a dining hall — the idea is for it to be “a place where people can camp and fish, study and explore.”

Gladstone’s Library in North Wales

Gladstone’s Library in North Wales boasts that it is “the UK’s finest residential library” and with over 150,000 printed materials on the premises, they may be right.

Spend a night in one of the library’s 26 boutique bedrooms and you’ll be granted extended use of their reading rooms. Some books can be taken away to your bedroom for after hours enjoyment. Plus, the library also awards more than fifty scholarships yearly for those who wish to visit for research purposes and cannot afford a weeklong stay.


The Library Hotel in New York City

The Library Hotel in New York City is inspired by the Dewey Decimal system. Spanning 10 floors — each dedicated to one of the 10 categories of classification system — these 60 rooms feature their own library, totaling over 6,000 books in all. On the hotel’s rooftop, a writer’s den and poetry garden complete with a fire place and greenhouse offer plenty of places to curl up with a good book after a day spent buzzing around the Big Apple.


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