Posted by: bluesyemre | April 19, 2017

How to #Read a Whole Damn #Book Every Week by #KevinNguyen


It may sound difficult, but the secret to reading a book every week is to not be precious about it.

Every year, I read over a hundred books. This means I polish off somewhere between two and three books a week. I’m not saying that to brag (okay, I am), but I really believe that anyone can make time to read. Chances are you wish you read more, since everyone feels this way (except me, I’m amazing). The secret is to not think of reading as a precious thing. If you’re only going to open a book on the off chance you have several hours to kill in a comfy chair with a glass of scotch, it’s only ever going to happen when you have several hours to kill in a comfy chair with a glass of scotch.

Don’t read before bed, read before work

Take advantage of your commute

Read on your phone

If a book sucks, stop reading it

The library! It’s good

Do more than one book at a time

Read during commercial breaks

Keep track of what you read

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