Posted by: bluesyemre | May 16, 2017

#Sim4edu Web-Based Simulation for #Science and #Education


The Simulation for Education (Sim4edu) project website supports web-based simulation with open source technologies for science and education. It provides both simulation technologies and a library of educational simulation examples. Its goal is to support various styles of modeling and simulation, including discrete event simulation, NetLogo-style grid space models (and Cellular Automata models), and agent-based simulation.

The first simulator provided by Sim4edu, Omega-Epsilon Ε), is a JavaScript implementation of Object-Event Simulation (OES). It supports both next-event time progression, as used in discrete event simulation, and fixed-increment time progression, as used in NetLogo-based social science simulations as well as in continuous state change simulations. The next simulator on the roadmap of Sim4edu is called Alpha-Omega-Epsilon (ΑΩΕ), which implements Agent/Object-Event Simulation (A/OES) supporting agent-based discrete event simulation.

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