Posted by: bluesyemre | May 22, 2017

metrics (MEasuring The Reliability and perceptions of Indicators for interactions with sCientific productS) @metrics_project


The main objective of this project is to develop a deeper understanding of *metrics, especially in terms of their general significance and their perception amongst stakeholders. To this end, key considerations will include the quality of *metrics underlying data (in terms of validity and reliability), the historical context within which *metrics arose, as well as their ability to adequately assess scientific outputs against the background of disciplinary specificities. The project’s findings will benefit *metrics users (e.g., researchers, research funders), information services and libraries, as well as *metrics providers, enabling *metrics informed use and widening our kowledge about their limitations and possibilities for interpretation. A publicly-funded project such as *metrics also guarantees transparency and open access to project results, which is not the norm among commercial providers in this area.

The methodological work will be supported by a scientific committee and accompanied by community building and public relations activities, the creation of new links with national and international initiatives (e.g. COAR, NISO) and the establishment of a *metrics information platform.



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