Posted by: bluesyemre | May 23, 2017

Stop telling people to love #libraries (4 better ways for #librarians to dominate #LibraryAdvocacy by #RebeccaStavick


1) Talk about why libraries exist, not what they offer

If you’re looking to create real library advocates — people who will take action and get vocal about supporting the library — then stop talking about your library resources. No one wants to hear about your library’s databases.

Instead, talk about why America needs libraries to protect our democracy.

2) Your best marketing tool? Rock-solid operations

GET OUTSIDE THE LINES! Yells one library marketing campaign. LIBRARIES TRANSFORM!!! Screams another. Omg staaap.

Talk is cheap. Let’s take our limited resources and dedicate them to actualinnovative projects in libraries rather than trying to convince everyone that we’re cool.

3) Measure the crap out of everything

Sometimes, the value of libraries is lost on people because they haven’t heard you drop those sweet, sweet stats.

Don’t be shy — brag about your stats hardcore when you talk to community leaders and elected officials. “Yeah, we have 90,000 users, it’s kinda a big deal, cause we’re the most visited organization in the city.” Etc.

4) Set a vision for the future

So what if your library has suffered from budget cuts and weak leadership for decades, and you don’t have strong talking points?

First, don’t complain about your situation to your stakeholders. Making people feel bad for you is not an effective way to get their buy-in.

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