Posted by: bluesyemre | May 24, 2017

Wearable technologies for creating interesting #learning experiences

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In the fields of science and engineering, the infrastructure of educational institutions represents one of the limiting factors for creating practical learning experiences. Setting up a laboratory, buying equipment, maintenance and the supply of consumables represent a significant expense for educational institutions, not only in terms of the initial investment, but also the fixed costs implied.

Advances in wearable technology incorporate electronic accessories or devices in clothing. The miniaturization of sensors and the improvement of device processing capacities make it possible to use such devices to generate practical learning experiences for classes that are traditionally taught in a theoretical or explicatory manner. They also provide enhanced mobility, avoiding the need to be tied to a physical space for carrying out experiments and creating a sort of mobile laboratory.

“Wearable technology allow us to do learning experiments in real scenarios. They become mobile laboratories.”

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