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Best modern #libraries from all over the world (Part 1)


Libraries are doing well in the digital times. Here are the most awesome examples.

Many people, when asked about libraries, imagine old buildings with dimmed light and endless rows of heavy wooden bookshelves. Libraries are our heritage. They contain all knowledge humankind has acquired. They have to be like that… or maybe not. Libraries are the avant-garde of civilization. They have to evolve and look into the future, not only the past. Modern libraries (and the futuristic building is not a must to make a library modern) are shaping the way we learn things and enjoy books in the digital age. They offer access to books in every possible form and format.

Ruzomberok University Library, Slovakia

The new library building of the Catholic University premises in Ruzomberok is the first phase of new campus design.

San Gervasi – Joan Maragall Library, Barcelona, Spain

Joan Maragall Library is located in Barcelona, inserted under the garden of Florida Villa.

Freiburg University Library, Germany

The original library of the Freiburg University was rebuilt in 2015 following the project of Degelo Architects.

The new building has 41,000 square meters and looks like a cut diamond. Inside, there are 1,200 workspaces in four reading rooms plus 500 work areas in the parlatory, where group work is encouraged.

Riverside Library in Tongling, China

This library was built in 2015 on an abandoned quay by the riverside in Tongling, China. The purpose of the Tongling library is not only to provide a place to read books and viewing for people but also to preserve the historical memory of the place.

Microlibrary at Taman Bima, Indonesia

This wonderful little public library is located in a Kampung neighborhood near the Bandung airport, Indonesia.

The building was designed by the Bandung office of SHAU architect studio. It has 160 square meters and is built upon a preexisting stage that was already used by the local community for events and gatherings.

The most prominent part of the library is the facade covered with some 2,000 recycled ice cream buckets. Some of them were perforated to deliver a secret message: “The book is a window to the world.”

The Bima public library is the first of a series of similar microlibraries that are planned to be built across Indonesia.

The Main Library of the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

The brand new main library of the University of Birmingham was opened in September 2016 and is an exciting milestone in the university’s development plans.

It took ten years to develop the concept and build at the cost of £60 million this milestone building, giving users a “transformational experience” for students and researchers.

Public Library of Constitución, Chile

The city in Constitución, Chile, was devastated by 8.8 degrees earthquake in 2010. The new public library, designed by Sebastian Irarrázaval, is a part of the initiative to rebuild the city.

Constitución is one of the biggest clusters of wood production in Chile. This heritage is reflected in the construction of this post-disaster library. It’s made almost entirely of wood, and only the firewalls are done with exposed poured concrete.

The Waterdown Library and Civic Centre, Canada

Waterdown is a branch of the Hamilton Public Library. In December 2015, the branch moved to a new building, overlooking Lake Ontario. The library incorporates automatic check-in and return system. Thanks to that the frontline staff can focus on programming and increased customer service.

Multimedia Library in Auneau, France

The French language has the perfect name to describe the modern-day library. It’s médiathèque – the place where you can use the content delivered on different media. Such a médiathèque was opened in Auneau, a commune in northern France. The building inspired by the nearby market, takes the form of the contemporary hall. The building opens onto the square, with the reading room offering views over the town.

Cedar Rapids Public Library, United States

The city Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA, decided to build a new central library after a flood swept through the city’s downtown central library in 2008.

The new building, finished in 2013, with the area of 94,000 square meters, quickly became a dynamic cultural center of the city, embracing the transformational shifts of the modern technology and combining it with the building’s natural eco-friendliness.

Sales Pavilion and Library in Guiyang, China

The library is located on the outskirts of Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province of Southwest China. The building was originally intended to be a temporary marketing pavilion helping sell apartments in the neighborhood.

Thionville Library, France

Here is another great médiathèque in our overview. This futuristic cultural center is located in Thionville, a city in northeastern France, and was opened in 2016.

The library was designed by Dominique Coulon and Associates, an architecture agency from Strasbourg. The creators’ ambition was to create the project that would become a new model for media libraries.

Library of the Vienna University of Economics, Austria

The Library and Learning Centre of the Vienna University of Economics and Business was designed by Zaha Hadid Architects. It rises as a polygonal block from the heart of the new university campus.

The main part of the building houses the service area, the learning centre and the economics library. The library management quarters and student services are located in the smaller block.

The library holds a collection of over 600,000 print books, and almost 100,000 ebooks. It ranks among the most extensive libraries of its kind in the German-speaking world.

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