Posted by: bluesyemre | June 8, 2017

Are #OpenAccess Journals immune from #Piracy? by Angela Cochran

Pirate Key On Computer Keyboard

My post today comes to you as many others in the past. It all started with a Twitter conversation that I dropped in on. The premise of the conversation was that all journals are harmed by piracy. The counter challenge was that open access (OA) journals are immune.

Even though Sci-Hub is billed as providing access to paywalled content, there appear to be thousands of open access articles in the host database. Sci-Hub provided usage of their services from 2015 to Science news writer John Bohannon with the full data set. Reviewing just the data from December 2015, I found that over 200 users accessed PLOS ONE content, over 450 users accessed Hindawi content, and a whopping 2,145 users accessed BioMed Central content.

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