Posted by: bluesyemre | June 30, 2017

#Librarians of the 21st: the ultimate superheroes of #research by Stefanie Maclin-Hurd


There’s a reason why, when you meet a librarian for the first time, she sometimes looks hesitant to tell you what she does for a living—we’re far too used to sharing our profession and hearing that libraries are dead because of Google. (They’re always shocked to hear that libraries are actually far more alive because of Google.) And even regular library patrons are sometimes shocked by the amount of research and reference that are part of a library’s daily work. In this essay, Stefanie Maclin-Hurd uses her wide range of library jobs to demonstrate that for all its changes, librarianship in the 21st century is still very much about research.

–Stephanie Anderson

Stefanie Maclin-Hurd
Stefanie Maclin-Hurd

Stefanie R. Maclin-Hurd graduated from Simmons College in 2010 with her MLIS. In 2015, she completed an online Certificate in Digital Libraries from San Jose State University. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA, and has experience in academic, special, and corporate libraries. She is active with the Special Libraries Association. You can find her on Twitter under the username @srmaclin. She also blogs at

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