Posted by: bluesyemre | August 16, 2017

GeaCron (Interactive World History Atlas since 3000 BC)


GeaCron provides the most powerful geo-temporal database in the world for History Research, Education and Findings Dissemination. GeaCron’s mission is to make historic information universally accessible for everyone, through intuitive and attractive geo-temporal maps. Currently Internet offers a huge amount of historical information. In most cases they are free and documentary type.

However, for instance, suppose you would like to know how a specific Empire expanded and how the rest of the world evolved during that period. You will see the enormous difficulty it presents. We propose a different approach. We created a system to represent the historical events and the geopolitical maps of any region in the world, for any given historical time period.

GeaCron is a geo data application based on a vector structured database. We developed a real temporal GIS system. We can generate raster images or vector files like KML or shapefiles. This design allows GeaCron to be interactive, accurate, configurable, flexible, scalable and it facilitates increasing historical information, almost unlimited. The maps show the historical situation of the world at the beginning of every year.

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