Posted by: bluesyemre | August 23, 2017

Preserving #CulturalHeritage: An #IFLA Guide


Libraries play a central role in recording and preserving the life of our communities. From conserving ancient manuscripts to web harvesting, they help guarantee that researchers and citizens tomorrow will be able to understand life today.

This mission is not easy. Effective preservation requires expertise, investment, and a commitment from public authorities. There are numerous risks and threats, from natural disasters to wars, and from physical degradation to technological change that can leave formats such as floppy disks unusable.

In order to highlight this work, both to members of the library community and beyond, IFLA has produced a new brochure. This highlights the key areas of IFLA’s work, why it is involved, and explains how to find out more.

Preserving #CulturalHeritage: An #IFLA Guide

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