Posted by: bluesyemre | September 5, 2017

Marketing Your Library’s #ElectronicResources, 2nd Edition, A how-to-do-it manual for #librarians

Blanchett et al. Guide info lit 101.qxd

Marketing Your Library’s Electronic Resources shows library and information professionals how to develop strategic marketing plans to inform users how their library’s e-resources can have an impact on their lives, from providing a trusted answer to a quick question to offering sage advice to inspire them through a long-term project of their own design.

Newly expanded and updated, this manual demonstrates how to design and implement marketing plans that will help librarians save time, effort, and money while increasing the use of library resources. It shows readers how to construct marketing plans, from identifying purpose, its component parts, implementation, assessment, through to a guide to how and when to revise it.

Comprehensive yet to the point, this book includes:

  • seven complete programs from a variety of public and academic libraries
  • guides to determining, writing, implementing, assessing, and updating library marketing plans
  • advice on making the most of marketing opportunities from learning management systems, discovery services, LibGuides, and more
  • a step-by-step organization guide, with a variety of model feedback and assessment forms
  • an examination of the e-resource life cycle
  • case studies that demonstrate best practice and outcomes.

This book’s flexible, step-by-step layout makes it an ideal resource for anyone involved in promoting their library or information service, whether at an academic, public or special library or in archives or records management. It’s also a useful guide for LIS students internationally who need to understand the practice of library marketing.

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