Posted by: bluesyemre | October 31, 2017

#Librarians Are Secretly the Funnest People Alive (If you think all they do is shush you, you’re in for a treat)


Last week, librarians from Invercargill, New Zealand had a “totally impromptu, definitely not planned” photo shoot spoofing The Hollywood Reporter’s The Kardashian Decade cover, and everyone is losing their minds. But did you know that librarians have always been lowkey the most fun people on the planet? Here are seven times that librarians have debunked the stereotype that they are uptight scolds ready to shush those who dare to have fun in their sacred institution.

Caution: These musical tributes to libraries and the amazing people who run them will have you wanting to break out in song and dance at your nearest library. And then you really might get shushed.

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