Posted by: bluesyemre | November 1, 2017

The True Worth of #Libraries is Much Greater Than You Think

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“Maintenance and improvement of libraries might, at first glance, seem an outlandish act of generosity by governments, in reality, it is an investment in communities and clever progress.”

As T. S. Eliot said: “The existence of libraries is best evidence that we may have hope for the future of man”.

There are plenty of things that young generations feel aggrieved about being saddled with. Climate change and a long-running war in the Middle East are two that leap immediately to mind. But there are other things handed down by previous generations that seem to suggest extraordinary generosity and vision. One is libraries. Last month, Matthew Yglesias posted this sentence on Twitter:

The tweet attracted 19,485 retweets and 68,582 likes.

Whenever I visit the new library in Geelong, I am amazed by the luxury of having access to this remarkable space, where children and teenagers can not only explore books, but can play dress ups, join a sing-along, take part in craft activities or play on computers, and adults can browse books, read newspapers, research historical documents or search the internet.

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