Posted by: bluesyemre | January 26, 2018

2017 Top 100 Global #Innovators by Clarivate Analytics


In the modern global economy, innovation increasingly serves as the driver of economic development and prosperity. Across industries and geographies around the world, the speed, magnitude, and complexity of innovative output has never been greater. As we embark upon the fourth industrial revolution, and as markets everywhere become increasingly competitive, the most successful organizations are those that can bring a steady stream of innovation to their customers and stakeholders. Yet innovation cannot thrive without effective legal protection of the investments that make it happen. The investment of time and resources in the research and development needed to make inventions, and to turn them into products or services, is a risky proposition. The costs can be high, success uncertain, and any payoff, if it comes at all, may be years away. Patents help make these investments happen. For 3M, patents foster sustainable growth based on 3M’s innovation engine. They enable 3M science to be applied to life and to impact the world around us in real ways every day. That is why 3M is so pleased to be recognized by Clarivate Analytics as a Top 100 Global Innovator and expresses its gratitude to Clarivate Analytics for this recognition. 3M congratulates each of the other Top 100 Global Innovators. Their continuing commitment to investments in the research
and development needed to bring inventions to life, and to patent rights that protect those investments, will ensure that they continue to create the innovations that are so essential to their growth and long-term success, and to prosperity around the globe.

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