Posted by: bluesyemre | January 29, 2018

Find out how to live minimally from these Turkish writers


Begüm Başoğlu and Ege Erim, the Istanbul-based co-authors of SADE and its corresponding blog Sade Yaşamak (Living Simply), don’t pretend to be gurus of minimalism. They know that the road to living simpler (and happier) is long and often difficult, but through their musings, discoveries and experiences, they hope to inspire others. We had the chance to talk to the two authors about their work, their lives and the benefits of learning to live with less.


What made you decide to write the book SADE and what were you hoping to achieve with it? 

B.B: The day I met Ege, we were both surprised and delighted in our realization that we had both been reading the same books over the years and living our lives trying to find the answers to the same questions. We decided to sit down and write about how we eliminated all the unnecessary things from our lives and found joy in living with what was left. To show that through minimizing, it was possible to consume less and live more and be lighter but live life fully. The book was a collection of minimalist techniques that we tried in our own lives with positive results and we wanted SADE to be like a small guiding light that would help us find ourselves and our balance in the chaos of the modern world.

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