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#Marketing the #AcademicLibrary (Free ebook download) by #Elsevier

marketing the academic library

What do the following actions have in common?

  • Seeking varied opinions and diverse input
  • Building communities via social networking
  • Creating podcasts and other promotions
  • Innovating even if “it ain’t broke”

They are all opportunities to market the library! If you would like to learn more, download Marketing the Academic Library, a free ebook PDF download which includes chapter excerpts from the Chandos Library Information Sciences collection, books written for librarians by librarians.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to the Machiavellian Librarian, by Melissa K. Aho and Erika Bennet, from the book The Machiavellian Librarian 
  • Weasels and Honey Badgers: Networking for Librarians, by André J. Nault, from the book The Machiavellian Librarian 
  • The Whats and Whys of Social Networking for Academic Libraries, by Denise Garofalo, from the book Building Communities 
  • Political Positioning, by Eric Owen, from the book The Machiavellian Librarian
  • The Sound of a Librarian: The Politics and Potential of Podcasting in Difficult Times, by Tara Brabazon, from the book Digital Dialogues and Community 2.0
  • Purple Cows, Free Prizes and Moogle, Oh My!, by Nancy Rossiter, from the book Marketing the Best Deal in Town
  • Self Publicise, by Barbara Hull, Marion Churkovich, Christine Oughtred, Denise Turner, from the book Understanding Librarians

This ebook is one of the volumes in Elsevier’s Library Learning Trends series, free ebooks to support and encourage learning and development in librarianship. Other ebooks in the series include:

Marketing the Academic Library

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