Posted by: bluesyemre | January 29, 2018

Sources of hope for #EducationTechnology in 2018 by Matt Greenfield


I find myself without strong enthusiasm for the task of writing a conventional set of predictions about education technology in 2018. The most urgent needs of the most vulnerable children in this nation involve other technologies. Children in Puerto Rico deserve a working electrical grid, children in Flint deserve plumbing that delivers drinkable water, and children in Baltimore deserve schools that are heated in the winter. The 9 million children once protected by CHIP deserve health care. The Dreamers and the Haitian and El Salvadoran refugees and other immigrants deserve not to be uprooted from their homes. Homeless and hungry children deserve food and shelter.

This nation is failing its most fundamental duty to children. Tens of millions of children are suffering. Some of their pain is the result of accident and indifference, the blind, remorseless churning of the machinery of capitalism and bureaucracy. Some of their pain is the result of the protection of privilege in its gated communities (and here I must accuse myself and my love of my family and my efforts to secure the best possible education and healthcare for them). But much of the suffering of those children is the result of active and deliberate malice on the part of politicians.

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