Posted by: bluesyemre | January 31, 2018

The most awesome #library in the world is Portuguese…Mafra National Palace Library


Mafra National Palace library was considered the most awesome library in the world by the Book Riot website.

Portugal has the most awesome library in the world

The American website Book Riot elected Mafra National Palace Library has the most amazing in the worldmostly due to the “over 35,000 leather-bound volumes, attesting of the extent of western knowledge from the 14th to the 19th century.” The American website also enhanced the “many valuable bibliographical jewels, such as incunabula (books printed before the year 1500)”. However, for Book Riot what really differentiates Mafra National Palace library and the main reason why they considered it as the most incredible library in the world is the “rather unique ways of keeping the books from being damaged by insects”, as Mafra library uses bats to prevent books from being damaged by insects.

The most awesome library in the world and the bats

In fact, as Book Riot points out “bats are kept in boxes during the day but at night they are let out and eat up to double their own body weight in insects.”
To the title of the most awesome library in the world was also contributed the other legends related to Mafra National Palace Library. One of these legends tells “of giant rats inhabiting the library, going out at night to hunt cats and dogs and people”. The other relates the tunnel linking the Palace to Ericeira, a beautiful former fishing village nearby that nowadays is worldwide famed for being the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe.

Let me just remind you that almost a year ago Book Riot has already established that Portugal has the most beautiful bookstore in the world, namely the Lello Bookstore in Porto.

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