Posted by: bluesyemre | February 16, 2018

Are you doing any of these? Then you are a #DigitalNomad


When do you know when you’re a truly digital nomad? This is a tricky question, because many freelancer who work from home of remotely consider themselves to be digital nomads, but the reality is they are nothing but!

In order to be a digital nomad you need to work remotely, indeed, but there are many other features which set you apart from those who only aspire to this (not so) glorious status. Here are the situations which best describe the life on the road of a digital nomad. If you recognize yourself in these 10+ situations, you are truly nomad.

  • Unemployed and happy
  • Eating out is the norm, not the exception
  • You like admiring items from a distance
  • You’re like a snail
  • You know you forgot something, but it doesn’t matter
  • You pay others to run errands for you
  • You complain about picking a country to live in
  • Internet connection is the only filtering option
  • Your Facebook newsfeed is polyglot
  • “Where are you?”

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