Posted by: bluesyemre | February 26, 2018

#Business etiquette around the World (#infographic)


Every country around the world has unique customs that impact how business is done. In a global economy, understanding these differences is essential to building strong relationships with international business associates.

Those that are able to excel at cross-cultural communication are more likely to build trust when doing business in other countries. Yet, due to variations in cultural norms, even those that have traveled extensively and interacted with many different cultures are likely to make the occasional faux pas.

The best way to avoid an embarrassing cultural blunder is to be as knowledgeable as possible about the area you are visiting. Reading guide books, familiarizing yourself with current events, and even learning a few words or phrases of the area’s language can help you prepare to make a great impression wherever you are visiting.

The most fool-proof way to guarantee successful interactions is to do your homework! Understanding the dos and don’ts of international business etiquette will help you feel confident, no matter where you are doing business.

Check out this infographic below to learn key elements of business etiquette around the globe.

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