Posted by: bluesyemre | May 2, 2018

Paths to #Reference (How Today’s Students Find and Use #ReferenceResources – A White paper from #OxfordUniversityPress)


Paths to Reference

The digital age has provided students with access to a vast variety of free online resources, alongside their library’s offerings, making the way they find and use reference resources more complex than ever before. Previous research and discussions around scholarly reference largely focus on how resources specifically support students when they are conducting research. Oxford University Press took a wider perspective, which is discussed in a new white paper, exploring how students more generally seek contextual information.

Paths to Reference: How Today’s Students Find and Use Reference Resourcesconsiders the nature of students’ needs, and their decision making, in order to understand how they utilize information to support a range of activities central to their studies. The white paper draws from a large multinational survey with students from a range of established and emerging markets, supported by a series of in-depth interviews. Paths to Reference offers a new perspective on how reference resources support today’s students.

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