Posted by: bluesyemre | July 4, 2018

Travelscope (Interactive world map of visa-free travel)


The weight and the travel freedom attached to a passport vary drastically across nationalities. International visa-regulations are very complex and often non-transparent. They reflect the economical and geopolitical situations as well as the relationships of countries.

This project aims to cast some light on these structures. The default Visa-free destinations mode shows a choropleth map, which is shaded based on the number of destination countries/territories an individual of a certain nationality can travel to without a visa or with visa on arrival.

In order to display the visa regulations for a certain nationality, the source country/territory can be intuitively selected by clicking/tapping the map, via the live search field or by choosing it from the country list. In the Visa-free sources mode, you can alternatively explore the number of countries/territories whose nationals can enter a specific country without a visa or with visa on arrival. The GDP and population modes are added for reference. Other modes can be implemented in the future.

For certain passport holders like certain special types of british nationalities it can be more complicated. For this visualization, some simplifications had to be made, ie. only the most common citizenships are used as a data reference.

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