Posted by: bluesyemre | July 23, 2018

ChemRxiv (The Preprint Server for #Chemistry)


The American Chemical Society (ACS) entered into an agreement with the Royal Society of Chemistry and the German Chemical Society (GDCh) to jointly support the financial and strategic development of ChemRxiv.

Through the establishment of this strong international alliance, ChemRxiv is a truly global preprint server driven by researchers. Collaboration between the ACS, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the GDCh ensures the sustainability of this service and its continued ability to meet the needs of the global chemistry community.

Launched in August 2017, ChemRxiv has posted over 300 preprints online, all of which are openly available. Authors working across all fields of chemistry are able to post their findings to the server ahead of formal peer review and publication. The service is free-of-charge, features a streamlined portal for direct and easy submission, and supports a wide variety of file formats, which enables readers to visualize and interact with data without the need for specialized software.

New features that have recently been added to ChemRxiv include a triage process that checks for plagiarism and other basic elements, while retaining its rapid posting time of less than two business days. In the coming months, ChemRxiv will debut a “Direct to Journal” transfer feature so that authors can easily submit their preprint directly from ChemRxiv to the journal of their choice.

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