Posted by: bluesyemre | July 23, 2018

Peace Palace Library (The International Law Library)


Two of the world’s most comprehensive international law libraries, the Law Library of Congress and the Peace Palace Library based in The Hague, Netherlands, have agreed to form an information-sharing relationship to exchange information and better serve library users. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed today in a ceremony at the Library of Congress by Law Librarian of Congress Jane Sánchez and Librarian of the Peace Palace Library Jeroen Vervliet.  The agreement Provides Valuable Insight into Services, Collections and Cataloging at Two Leading Law Libraries.

Under the MOU, the Law Library of Congress and the Peace Palace Library will share information regarding their research and reference services. This can include research methods and techniques and how they are applied in responses for the various types of users each institution serves. Both libraries will also share information on the preparation of written reports and other research products and how they deliver research and reference services to their respective patrons.

Under the MOU, the parties may also share information about collection development. This can include information on collection development policies that are oriented toward particular user groups and how library staff create and employ the policies and keep them up to date. The MOU also provides that the Law Library of Congress and the Peace Palace Library can share information about cataloging, such as the system of classification and the subject headings that each has developed.

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