Posted by: bluesyemre | July 25, 2018

How are Predatory Publishers Preying on Uninformed Scholars? Don’t Be a Victim Edited (Free Webinar Recording)

One of the biggest concerns in the academic community are the threats of predatory publishers. As publishing is an essential aspect of an academic’s career, often being linked to promotions and tenure, many academics are faced with the harsh reality of “publish or perish.” Due to this reality, many are falling prey to “hijacked journals,” which are journals that are legitimate and credible, but someone else has created fraudulent websites created under their name to turn a profit.

These fake websites will offer academics the ability to publish their research for a fee, and they will even use industry-standard tactics to recruit contributors, including sending out Call for Papers. As such it is an ongoing challenge for researchers to realize when a journal is hijacked, and numerous researchers and authors around the world have lost money and credibility due to hijacked journals.

This webinar, hosted by Dr. Varun Menon from the SCMS School of Engineering and Technology in India, will equip viewers with the tools to recognize when a journal is hijacked, as well as showcasing how researchers can protect themselves from this growing threat that is taking place in India and abroad. Additionally, Kathleen Berryman, Project Manager, from Cabells: Scholarly Analytics, will share her knowledge on identifying hijacked journals and the tools that are available.

Topics covered include:
  • Ethics
  • Publish or Perish
  • Publishing Venues
  • Predatory Publishing
  • Academic Integrity
  • Open Access
  • Publishing Credibility
  • Website Security
Dr. Varun G. Menon Biography:
Varun G. Menon is currently an Associate Professor and Head of International Relations at SCMS School of Engineering and Technology, India. He has been promoting quality research publishing in India, with numerous workshops and seminars for students and faculty of various engineering colleges. He has published 27 research papers in high impact and peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He has also served in the…Click here to view Dr. Varun Menon’s full biography.
Kathleen Berryman Biography:
Kathleen Berryman is a project manager at Cabell’s International where she is currently spearheading Cabell’s initiatives to identify and combat deceptive publishing practices in academia. Kathleen has assembled a team to protect the integrity of academic publishing by systematically identifying fraudulent publications with reliability and objectivity…Click here to view Kathleen Berryman’s full biography.

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