Posted by: bluesyemre | July 27, 2018

#Librarians improve #science (Impacting #research quality through transparency and reproducibility (Recorded webinar)

Explore ways academic libraries and librarians can positively improve transparency and reproducibility at their institutions by educating and supporting researchers, students, and the broader communities they serve. Come and learn about available tools and initiatives that can help enhance the quality of science immediately, as well as longer term strategies for leading institutional change around reproducibility.

Melissa Rethlefsen and Ana Patricia Ayala are leading advocates in this sphere and will bring their passion to the session to ensure that you:

  • Gain familiarity with tools to enhance transparency
  • Understand how academic libraries can catalyze the conversation around reproducibility at their institutions
  • Become empowered to share these initiatives among your communities

Introducing the webinar will be JoVE’s vice president of operations Dr. Justin Cherny. He will discuss how the JoVE Video Journal was created to address the frustration of scientists trying to repeat experiments — with only inadequate text articles to guide them.

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