Posted by: bluesyemre | August 2, 2018

The Emoji Report by Brandwatch


Using Brandwatch’s new emoji analysis, we collected and analyzed every emoji published on Twitter over the course of two years.

During this period we collected 6,400,278,100 (six billion) emojis.

On average 250 million emojis are posted online each month. The month with the highest volume of emoji use was in July 2016, seeing 293 million. This was partly due to the UK’s European Referendum. In fact, in the months during and following the referendum, negative emoji use grew by 3%. 

On average, 75% of the emojis on Twitter are positive and 25% are negative.

  • Over the last two years, the use of negative emojis grew from 23.2% to 25.4% – an increase of 9.5% 😡
  • The largest volume of negative emojis was recorded during the month of the American election (8th November 2016). During the week of the election, negative emoji use grew to 28.9% (a two year high) 😢
  • Negative emoji use grew by 3% in the months before and during the British EU referendum (23rd June 2016) ☹️
  • The highest percentage of positive emojis was recorded back in February 2016 (76.8%). This was partly due to hundreds of thousands of fans wishing @Harry_Styles a happy birthday  🎁

“In today’s digital landscape we can look at so much more than simple ASCHII to gain insights into customer behavior. Thankfully, the best of technologies help us to looks at things like emojis to understand how mindset and emotional state effects brands. This means richer insights, smarter engagement, and more relevance. You might even think of it as the dawning of Internet Emotional Intelligence”

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