Posted by: bluesyemre | August 28, 2018

Climate Heritage Mobilization, September 12-13, 2018, San Fransisco #climateheritage


Cultural Heritage is a Climate Action Issue.  Climate Action is a Cultural Heritage Issue.

What:  The Climate Heritage Mobilization at GCAS2018 is a high-level side event organized under the auspices of the California Office of Historic Preservation, along with many national and international partners, in support of the Global Climate Action Summit. The event is devoted to the role of cultural heritage and historic preservation — tangible and intangible — in Climate Action. It will highlight how heritage actors  can help their communities achieve their climate targets and the ambitions of the Paris Agreement with an emphasis on integrated nature-culture approaches.


Who:  City, state, tribal, provincial and regional heritage administrators who want to play a role in climate action; sustainability and climate officers who want to learn how collaboration with the heritage sector can deepen their impact; architects, archaeologists, anthropologists, historians, conservators and other heritage professionals looking to discuss their roles in climate action; historic preservation organizations and university heritage programs who want to be part of the solution to climate change.


Why: Cultural heritage is both impacted by climate change and a source of resilience for communities.  Cultural heritage-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation offer enormous potential while other forms of climate action. Nonetheless, there are literally thousands of historic preservation professionals and supporters whose heritage talents have not been mobilized on climate issues.  This is so even in jurisdictions that have made ambitious climate action pledges. The Climate Heritage Mobilization aims to flip this paradigm.

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