Posted by: bluesyemre | August 28, 2018

Timeline Index (WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN People, Periods, Places and Events in a chronological context)


Timeline IndexWhoWhatWhereWhen …
People, Periods, Places and Events in a chronological context.

Search and browse the Timeline Index in many ways:
• Find your subjects by inserting keywords
• Insert dates to find items from a specific year or period
• Find dates of the days of the year using a “-” sign in between,
try for instance: march-02 or may-27
• Or combine keywords using a ” + ” sign with spaces in between,
try for instance: 1400 + composers + italy

Or simply select by category to find the items in a chronological order and context:
• Just click WhoWhatWhereWhen … at the top
• Click the dates to view all items from that year onwards
• To see the Timeline items in another context, click the categories below the dates on the left
• Click on ‘More’ (or on the pictures) to discover more about the items, linked websites and related items, URL’s and categories

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