Posted by: bluesyemre | September 25, 2018

Why are #libraries no longer quiet zones?


We do not have a rule about being extremely quiet. This allows us to be more welcoming to an incredibly important, and sadly decreasing demographic, children.

We do, however, say something if patrons of any age become overly loud, or rowdy. We also don’t allow cellphones, unless the patron is consulting specifically about something they’re checking on the computer (like calling a bank about a transaction, or checking on theater tickets.) Kids are expected to play at a normal volume while their parents select books. Occasionally, a parent will read to their kids in the kids area. This is also fine. Boisterous play and running down the aisles is not…

However, if any patron states at the desk that they are there to study, or requests quiet- we will try to assist. If our meeting room isn’t in use, they can work there if the library has several kids visiting. Sometimes, we just have to let them know it’s storytime and it will be quieter at around ____ time. But we always do our best to assist.

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