Posted by: bluesyemre | September 27, 2018

How #bridges are built? (#infographic)

As human beings started to expand across lands and territories, we needed a structure to overcome natural barriers and obstacles. Engineers harnessed their resources to create bridges, linking us between cities and changing the entire landscape.

How are bridges built? Bridge construction has undergone immense transformation since the beginning of times, including new sturdier materials, heavy machinery, and new construction techniques. Although building bridges is much easier in modern times, bridge engineering involves precise physics, vast resources, and thorough planning prior to and during construction.

Before bridges are constructed, planners must test the site for elements like the soil strength, depth, and layout of the land. Using computer-aided design, engineers can get a picture of the bridge’s behavior under different weights and weather conditions and determine the correct structure. After planning is complete, workers break ground on the job site, harnessing various materials and assembling structures to maintain support even under the pull of gravity.

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