Posted by: bluesyemre | October 25, 2018

Choose a #boss, not a #job

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S – Supportive

U – Understanding

P – Protective

E – Empowering

R – Respectful

I – Inspiring

O – Open-minded

R – Reassuring

That’s the kind of SUPERIORs we need more of !

I was NOT qualified for the first management job I took. My boss took a big leap of faith to hire me.

I knew I was not qualified, and I acted as such. I avoided making mistakes at all costs, and tried to control everything because mistakes would be less likely. My people were not happy.

  My boss called me into his office, asked me to close the door and said “Oleg, I want you to make sizable mistakes, at least 5 mistakes every week for a period of next month or so.”

I was shocked at first, and then liberated next.

My creativity, initiative, and energy were unleashed. My boss was brilliant, he knew that the fear of making mistakes was holding me back.

  In the next 6 months I launched the first in the financial industry web site. My team was on fire. We made lots of improvements.

Stop punishing people for mistakes, celebrate the mistakes as learning experiences.


Be someone people remember.


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