Posted by: bluesyemre | November 2, 2018

Scientists use new X-ray technique to read ancient sealed documents without opening them

Scientists read ancient sealed documents without opening them

As per the latest study, scientists have cracked a new technique that will help them read ancient, fragile document without opening them. Physicists in Switzerland have used the new technique to digitize the huge state archive in Venice. Those archives are considered too fragile to touch.

Therefore, the scientist decided to scan the documents using a unique digitalization technique. The 17th-century science scanned the ancient, fragile documents layer by layer using X-ray and tomography technique at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Then they compared original documents with the data obtained from X-ray tomography.

Everything was analyzed page by page, and it was confirmed that the ancient, fragile documents can be read without even seeing or touching them. The scientists are quite confident that this new technique will help to preserve and unravel the secrets of 50 miles of shelving that are there in the huge state archive in Venice. By doing this, scientists will be able to give a digital touch to thousands of years old ancient data.

A video regarding this has been uploaded by Reuters. As per the video, scientists have successfully used the new tomography X-ray technique to read a sealed testimony written in 1351 without even opening it.

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