Posted by: bluesyemre | December 9, 2018

#DigitalDetox Phone – Mahagoni


“I honestly think this piece of wood in the shape of a phone could help me do a digital detox. Just like so many of you, I am addicted to my phone.” (SwissMiss aka Tina Roth)

Digital abstinence but without the panic attacks.

  • Wooden smartphone substitute with superior tactile qualities
  • Conveniently weighted for that reassuring feeling in your pocket
  • Added buttons on the side and earpiece notch to further calm all those fidgety fingers
  • Limited and numbered edition of 40 items
  • Made by hands and with love in Berlin

No notifications, no ringtones or vibration, no updates, no location tracking, no browsing history, no data overages and no dead batteries. Considering your digital existence and taking action is hard. At least, now there’s this surrogate to any smart mobile device, curbing sudden withdrawal symptoms. Wear it in your pocket and tap when necessary.

The phone is also available made from walnut or maple.

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