Posted by: bluesyemre | December 23, 2018

Brand creates photo so Hi-Res, you can zoom in on faces thousands of meters away


In a few moments, you will be zooming your way into an obscenely large photo, made in such high resolution that you can focus closer to see the facial expressions of pedestrians, previously thousands of meters away.

Chinese company Bigpixel Technology Corporation is behind the panoramic image of the sunny Shanghai, taken from atop the city’s Oriental Pearl Tower.

The photo’s resolution is 195 gigapixels. To give you an idea on how large that really is: one megapixel equates to one million pixels; one gigapixel is one billion pixels. An average 12-megapixel smartphone camera generates images with 12 million total pixels.

Bigpixel estimates that the photo is 2,000 times more accurate than any image captured by a normal consumer-grade camera. The panoramic shot, made by integrating a collection of images over several months using image-stitching technology, is also believed to be the world’s third-largest photo and Asia’s biggest, according to Business Insider.

Thus far, the company estimates about eight million people have explored the high-resolution photo, with more expected to check it out here.

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