Posted by: bluesyemre | January 23, 2019

Promo (Free Image and Photo Resizer)


In One Click, ‘Image Resizer’ Converts Pics To Over 50 Social Media Post Sizes

In line with this nifty cheat sheet that informs of the ideal dimensions for social media posts, video editing app Promo has created a tool that optimizes graphics for social networks and the web in one click.

The new ‘Image Resizer’ instantly converts pictures into over 50 most common web and social media formats, including resizings for Instagram stories, Facebook page covers, LinkedIn profile pictures, and email headers.

Jonathan Messika, VP of Product at Promo, details that his team spends “countless hours a month resizing images.” On top of that, many size formats only work on individual channels.

“We’d go through a terrible process of back-and-forths with our designers… or tried using some pretty terrible/pricey tools that didn’t get the job done. So, cue drumroll, we built a product hack and decided to share it with YOU, for free!”

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