Posted by: bluesyemre | January 27, 2019

#ModernLibraries: Overlooked No More


Imagine a space that could serve as a launchpad for collaboration and socialization, while also offering resources for students, faculty and researchers.  The good news: this space already exists on campus. It is the library.

Libraries have long histories of campus neglect; many provosts and presidents consider them to be little more than book shelving areas. But an intelligent redesign can transform the space into the essential resource it is meant to be. Another plus: in a time when it is easy to become lost in electronic devices, libraries can increase collaboration and socialization through careful design. Today, a larger proportion of library space focuses on integrating learning labs, flexible bar areas, comfortable furniture and collaborative seating.

When planning the interior design of the space, furniture and shelving layouts should come before lighting, outlets and access points. According to Aaron Cohen Associates, LTD the Library Consultant should be responsible for planning the furniture and equipment. We will test initial floor plans with preliminary layouts of furniture, so the floor plans can be easily adjusted to match the client’s needs exactly.

The furniture and equipment for a research library should harmonize with the architecture and align with the program, providing a comfortable, inviting environment. Furnishings should have not just beauty, but durability and ease of maintenance. (Take a look at the Babson College Horn Library Project)

Ready to refresh your library? Contact us!

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