Posted by: bluesyemre | January 31, 2019

The World Counts (Discover meaningful facts)


Discover meaningful facts
Become aware of the world. Yourself. And your potential.

Find facts to support a meaningful life.
The Project
Our current consumer society is based on a system that’s not sustainable.

We are already over 7 billion people on Earth.

By 2025 we’ll be 8 billion and around 2045 we could hit 9 billion.

This will put enormous pressure on Earth’s resources and

calls for radical changes. We already need 1.5 planets

for our consumption and waste. And if nothing changes,

by mid 2030s we will need 2.

The World Counts gives you overview of critical global

challenges. Awareness is the first step towards change!

We also want to show how visionary green companies

are leading the way to create positive changes.

About The World Counts
The World Counts was created to raise awareness of important

global challenges. And to be an inspiration for taking action –

so that the negative trends can be reversed. We are firm believers

that we can all make a positive difference.

Our current consumer society is not sustainable. Basically,

products are made from natural resources and eventually

turned into waste. With a limited amount of natural

resources, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out

that we can’t run such a system forever.

The World Counts illustrates negative trends using

live counters related to:

The environment
Energy & climate
Your health
Disturbing things are happening in each of these areas.

We want to highlight some of them, and to illustrate how

they essentially are linked to our consumption of goods

and services.

We also want to emphasize and show that we all, as

consumers, can make a positive difference by paying

more attention to the things we buy. The “you & your stuff”

section gives examples of how your choice of companies

and products have real world consequences.

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