Posted by: bluesyemre | February 6, 2019

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte opens Elsevier’s new TechHub


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (left) visits Elsevier’s headquarters in Amsterdam to open the new TechHub alongside Elsevier CEO Ron Mobed. (Photo by: Todd Fredericks)

Amsterdam — As part of his tour of international technology companies contributing to Dutch innovation, Prime Minister Mark Rutte opened the new TechHub at Elsevier’s Amsterdam headquarters today. His visit included demonstrations of the advanced information analytics capabilities of Elsevier and the businesses of our parent company, RELX Group.

The Amsterdam-based TechHub houses world-class talent developing innovative technologies that turn static information into data sets users can interact with. These solutions support the decision-making of researchers, research leaders and health professionals around the world.

“It is all very impressive to learn more about RELX’s and Elsevier’s dedication to using information and top-tier technology to add value to Dutch society. I see a parallel between Elsevier’s centuries’ old history and that of the Dutch republic, which came about in a spirit of liberty and the freedom to publish. That same spirit I witness here today. So I am proud to open Elsevier’s TechHub today,” Prime Minister Rutte said during the opening ceremony.

His visit was part of his tour of several prominent and innovative international technology companies and start-ups operating in the Amsterdam region.

“The Netherlands is a global front-runner in terms of technological innovation,” he said. “The innovative capabilities of the greater Amsterdam region are a fantastic visiting card for our country’s reputation abroad.”

Elsevier CEO Ron Mobed said the Prime Minister’s visit was a recognition of RELX’s and Elsevier’s continued dedication and contributions to Dutch technological innovation:

RELX Group proudly contributes to the Netherlands’ standing as a global leader in innovation by investing heavily in the Dutch knowledge economy. Elsevier, a Dutch company by origin, already has a strong presence here in the Netherlands. It is a natural extension of that presence to build out a pioneering technology hub at the same location.

The TechHub is part of Elsevier’s new center of excellence, where world-class talent develop innovative technologies that turn information into actionable knowledge for users in science and healthcare in the academic, government, corporate and nonprofit sectors. In 2018, the TechHub grew by over 50 people, with Elsevier targeting 80 or more new hires in 2019. Elsevier is planning to have about 200 technologists based in the Amsterdam office by 2020, demonstrating the business’ commitment to attracting and retaining high-quality tech talent to the benefit of the Dutch knowledge economy.

During his visit, Prime Minister Rutte was given a tour of our advanced technology, with demonstrations in RELX Group businesses, including ElsevierThreatMetrixAccuity and LexisNexis.

Presentations covered topics related to the companies wide-ranging application of technology:

  • How artificial intelligence is used to integrate evidence-based content into the healthcare process and help improve patient outcomes (Elsevier, Health)
  • How to support Dutch universities with information systems in research, and partnering with research institutions to support  the Netherlands’ leading position as an open science nation (Elsevier, Research)
  • How digital fraud can be combated (ThreatMetrix)
  • How to support trade officers make decisions about potential harmful, dual-use goods (RBI Accuity)
  • How government officials can stay up-to-date on news about relevant topics (LexisNexis Legal & Professional).

Each demonstration showed the company’s commitment to serving professionals in the Netherlands by helping scientists, doctors, universities and financial institutions thrive in an ever-changing work environment driven by data and technology.

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