Posted by: bluesyemre | March 14, 2019

New, powerfully simple library tool (#InstantILL) to deliver articles (No subscription needed)


Partnership with IUPUI University Library brings InstantILL to life.

“Giving libraries a powerfully simple tool to delight patrons, deliver articles, and cut costs while advancing Open. That’s the vision we’re bringing to life through InstantILL.”

— Tina Baich, Associate Dean for Collections at Indiana University — Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) University Library and recent chair of ALA’s leading Interlibrary Loan (ILL) group.

InstantILL is one box that instantly delivers papers your patrons need and simplifies your ILL process. It’s free and easily set up in minutes. If InstantILL sounds like something your institution would be interested in, join the waiting list for InstantILL.

The Open Access Button is building a world where — regardless of a campus’ subscription access — there is a simple, community-owned, one-stop shop for students and researchers to get free, fast, and legal access to articles. We’re partnering with IUPUI to advance that mission through InstantILL, a new service that builds on ILL’s ability to give patrons rapid, easy access to any article, at any time, and at no cost. InstantILL will enable your campus to improve article delivery with or without a subscription and save money, and in turn, create a stronger negotiating position with publishers in reducing subscription costs.

“InstantILL attempts to bring the multitude of places our patrons have to search for an item into one simple search form. This allows ILL practitioners to focus more on difficult requests that require a human touch by presenting already available content — whether through subscription or Open Access — to a patron before they submit a request. Last year, more than 15% of our requests were for this already available content. We’re also excited that the automated metadata retrieval will allow us to expand our automation of requests with ILLiad and RapidILL,“ said Tina Baich. “We expect to deploy a version to our campus in April, and we hope other institutions will be able to use the tool soon after.”

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