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This is what happens in an #internet minute in 2019 (#infographic) @lorilewis



Why This Matters:

People are viewing multiple screens and toggling platforms at lightning speed, and there is no indication of let up.

  • In spite of continuous controversy surrounding Facebook’s ethics and breach of trust, Daily Active Users continue to increase (albeit small percentages).
  • While scrolling Instagram’s News Feed appeals to our visual nature, Feed may not be of much importance moving forward. Stories is where Instagram’s surge in activity growth is happening.
  • Twitter data is different this year than past graphics. 2019 is the first year they offered us a peek into their Daily Active Users.
  • The swiping feature is hotter than ever (which sadly, with Tinder up, does it mean even fewer hopeful hook-ups are happening)?
  • Twitch continues to grow as people enjoy watching others who are better than themselves play the games they like, as well as watching others when they don’t feel like gaming.
  • SVOD/OTT (Streaming Video On Demand /Over The Top) is significant to the subscription model.

    With Netflix, while there are a few moving parts to their growth like how they use data to personalize our experiences, don’t overlook the simplicity of their technology that helps the average consumer easily “buy T.V.” and the fact binging shows has become a badge of honor. People proudly share it socially – raising interest and tune in.

  • Smart Speaker price point gives everyone the opportunity to own a device.
    Studies show main uses:
    Music, weather, asking fun questions, online search, checking the news.
    Emerging uses:
    Asking for directions/traffic, smart home commands, shopping/ordering.
  • Messenger Apps for Businesses make it easier than calling or emailing; chat bots can improve customer service.
    For personal use, content sharing is becoming more personal – it removes the fear of leaving a permanent digital footprint.
  • Gifs are life. They allow us to quickly express a visual emotional response or quickly reference pop culture.
  • While Snapchat lost users after its botched redesign early 2018, people watching Snaps-exclusive stories and shows is on the rise.

    For example. ESPN’s SportsCenter on Snap (short episodes produced each morning), reaches 2.5 million fans 18-24 every day. What’s interesting is 7 in 10 of those reached do not consume any ESPN linear offerings.

It’s critical we understand audience bandwidth in order to differentiate ourselves from the pack. What makes us stand out?

Technology is making our lives move faster, sometimes more complicated, and our thoughts and actions less private.

As brands, we can get lost in the frenetic energy of the day to day and forget the greater purpose is to serve the audience and come at content/usage from their point of view.

We’re not always going to hit the mark.

But we’ll get closer every time we try with the understanding of what is happening every 60 seconds.

Reach out to me anytime on Twitter @lorilewis.

Lori Lewis

Lori Lewis’ radio career spans 25 years, starting out as an on-air talent on the nationally syndicated “Bubba the Love Sponge” show, and then to a decorated Program Director in Baltimore.

In a move to help the Radio industry grow digitally and socially, Lori left day to day programming in 2008 and created the new position – VP of Social Strategies & Digital Audience Growth – for Duke Wright’s Midwest Communications.

In 2011, research and consultancy firm, Jacobs Media, tapped Lori to help their clients’ digital and social needs.

In 2015, Lori, again, forged a new position for the industry as Vice President, Social Media, for Cumulus Media and Westwood One.

And In 2018, Lori left Cumulus to rejoin Lew Dickey for another newly created position, Vice President, Social Media for Modern Luxury.

Lori adds, “Many mistake social for volume, when in fact it’s about differentiating.

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