Posted by: bluesyemre | April 1, 2019

Facing contemporary challenges in #librarianship


The chapters in this digest include:

  • Marketing a Profession: Marketing the Future, by Debra Lucas-Alfieri, from the book Marketing the 21st Century Library
  • Preparedness, by Guy Robertson, from the book Disaster Planning for Libraries
  • E-books and the Future of Technical Services, by Anne C. Elguindi and Kari Schmidt, from the book Electronic Resource Management.
  • A Culture of Technology, by Dee Ann Allison, from the book The Patron-Driven Library
  • Library 3.0 Librarianship, by Tom Kwanya, Christine Stilwell and Peter G. Underwood, from the book Library 3.0
  • Collection Budgets, by Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly, from the book Making a Collection Count
  • The Role of the Information Professional in Competitive Intelligence, by Margareta Nelke and Charlotte Håkansson, from the book Competitive Intelligence for Information Professionals
  • The Problem for Libraries in the Twenty-First Century: The Need to Accept a Paradigm Shift, by George Stachokas, from the book Information Services for the 21st Century

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