Posted by: bluesyemre | May 2, 2019

Best practices for pitching your #Book concept to an #AcademicPublisher

Now that you have made the decision to publish your research in the form of a reference book, have you thought about how your book proposal will stand out against others in your field? In the age of “publish or perish” and the increasingly competitive academic environment, it is more challenging for researchers to have their concepts contracted by credible publishing outlets. With aspiring contributors and editors continuously competing with thousands of other proposals along with lower acceptance rates from publishers, they need to ensure that their research project provides a unique and timely perspective on the latest advancements, as well as considering its objective, impact, and overall value.

As we understand publishing is a critical element to tenure, promotion, research funding, and your academic portfolio, this webinar hosted by IGI Global’s Acquisitions Team, outlined how to overcome common pitfalls and challenges during the first steps of pitching your book proposal to the publishing house of your choice. It will also help you craft intriguing titles, build a robust contributor plan, identify the target audience, gain tips on timing, and more, providing you with the resources to ensure that you are creating a winning book proposal that will set the foundation for a high impact publication.

Topics of discussion included:

  • Overview of different reference publication types
  • Understanding project timelines and copyright years
  • The best time to submit a proposal
  • The process for drafting and submitting a publication proposal
  • Determining tentative titles and keywords for proposed publication
  • Composing a synopsis for your proposed publication
  • Creating a tentative table of contents for your proposed publication
  • Identifying the target audience for your proposed publication
  • Tips on market awareness

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