Posted by: bluesyemre | May 9, 2019

#Scholarcy creates a summary flashcard of any paper, report or document in Word or PDF format


So many great papers, so little time.

Keeping up with the latest research is tough. Millions of new research papers are published each year. Then there’s reports, white papers and company documents. Your usual research tools can find the most recent or influential ones, but you still have hundreds of papers on your desktop – and no time to read them. Skimming the abstract doesn’t give you enough insight into how important a paper could be to your work.

How Scholarcy can help you

Reads and summarises research papers for you

Scholarcy reads your research papers, reports and book chapters in seconds and breaks them down into bite-sized sections – so you can quickly assess how important any document is to your work.

Gives you key facts, figures and references instantly.

Scholarcy creates a summary flashcard of any paper, report or document in Word or PDF format. It extracts figures, tables and images, and links to open access versions of cited sources.

Scholarcy helps you to speed-read the paper, follow the arguments and take away the main points in minutes. And if you’re looking for referenced papers – they’re only a click away.

Builds you a personal summarised research library

Scholarcy’s Chrome Extension works with open-access repositories such as arXivbiorXiv, and OSF Preprints. It also integrates with the Scholarcy Library – a pay-monthly subscription service that builds a searchable collection of your summary cards, accessible from any device.

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