Posted by: bluesyemre | May 16, 2019

Today’s #Library & the future of #ScholarlyCommunications (A white paper by #SpringerNature)


Responding to a host of economic and cultural transformations in academic and research libraries today, Springer Nature undertook a study in 2018 into the current role of the library and librarians within their institutions. The aim was to better understand the needs and obstacles that librarians face, and how scholarly publishers and libraries can work together. We asked librarians in a variety of positions around the world about how their library operates today and the future of scholarly communications, and received 770 responses from nearly 60 countries, which we followed up with 20 one-to-one interviews. Based upon this original survey and interview data, the findings in this study reflect diverse perspectives from academic and research libraries world wide.

Today’s Library & the future of Scholarly Communications

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