Posted by: bluesyemre | May 20, 2019

Mesmer (Advanced Technology for creating Entertainment #Robots)


What is Mesmer?

Mesmer is a system for building lifelike humanoid robots – all the parts that are needed to breathe life into a character.

  • Hardware – Motors, Electronics and Connectors
  • Sensors – Cameras, Depth Sensors, LIDAR, Microphones
  • Firmware – Motor control for speed, position and torque
  • Software – For control of Animation, interaction, audio and lighting

Most importantly all of these components were designed from scratch by Engineered Arts specifically for humanoid robots, so everything fits and works together in perfect harmony. Other companies use a hodgepodge of bits from various vendors that often don’t work well together.

Mesmer is powerful, elegant and cost-effective because you are not paying for multiple profit margins that inflate the price.

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