Posted by: bluesyemre | July 27, 2019

#Bookworms can now buy a lounge chair with a hole for your face so you can #read while lying on the beach


There’s nothing like getting lost in a good book at the beach, and a new chair on Amazon looks like it makes reading while lying out in the sun even easier than ever.

Ostrich is now selling a lounge chair with a built-in hole for your face that allows you to read while lying on your stomach.

The Ostrich Lounge Chaise is available in a variety of colors, with prices starting at $43.25 at the time of writing for the green, pink, and red options. There’s also a blue option available for $52.47 and a striped design for $59, though they both have a one to three month waitlist at the time of writing.

There’s even a handy pillow attached that covers the hole when you’re not on your stomach.

Reviews for the chair have been mostly positive, though there have been few mixed reactions. One positive reviewer called the chair “lightweight and easy to carry,” while another wrote that “the hole is perfect and does make [reading] more comfortable.”

Some, however, have said they have had trouble keeping the chair upright, while others raised concerns about the build quality and the durability of the fabric used.

When asked about the complaints above, a representative for the company told INSIDER that customers should make sure to follow the instructions.

“The chair must be opened legs first until they are extended past 90 degrees,” the representative told us. “Then, the top and bottom of the chair can be opened until the chair is completely flat and safe to lay on.”

As for the complaints about the fabric, the company recommends storing the chair away from the sun to keep the material in good shape.

The brand’s lounge chaise is currently one of the top-selling beach chairs on Amazon. It also sells a $98.99 deluxe chair that features five adjustable positions and sturdy arm rests at the side.

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