Posted by: bluesyemre | July 27, 2019

Sony’s wearable air conditioner cools you down wherever you go


In the near future, human inconveniences will be solved with wearable technology. It seems that the days of complaining about the weather could soon be gone, as Sony has developed a portable device that adjusts your body temperature to keep you comfy no matter how hot or cold it is.

Essentially, the ‘Reon Pocket’ is a lightweight Bluetooth air conditioner or heater. It’s as compact as a card wallet, and leverages thermoelectric cooling to ensure you don’t get too sweaty or chilly wherever you go.

To use the gadget, you simply need to insert the ‘Reon Pocket’ into the pocket of a special undershirt, and then adjust your body temperature from an app. It’s compatible with iOS and Android, and boasts an incredible 24-hour battery life on a single charge of two hours.

On warmer days, ‘Reon Pocket’ can be utilized to cool your body down by up to 23°F. When the colder seasons kick in, the device can be used to increase the temperature by 14°F. It weighs at just three ounces, so you won’t really feel it on you.

Sony has created two variations of ‘Reon Pocket’, an original and a ‘Lite’ version. The standard ‘Reon Pocket’ comes with the ability to control the air volume, in addition to a tailored “my mode.” In future, it will also be able to adjust temperature levels automatically, but currently only lets you tweak the temperature manually, which is the only option available for the ‘Lite’ model.

Unfortunately, ‘Reon Pocket’ isn’t ready for the masses yet, as Sony is still seeking for the project to be funded by interested customers. The wearable air conditioner and heater is also only available in Japan. If it does roll out, though, the device will be priced between JP¥12,760 (US$117) and JP¥19,030 (US$175).

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